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Journal of International Marketing and Exporting Vol. 9 No. 1, 2004

Women Perceptions of Female Images in Advertisements in Brazil : Lesson for International Marketers Claudia Rosa Acevedo, Ana Laura Arruda, Jouliana Nohara, César Basta José Mauro Hernandez

The Effect of Marketing Capability, Financing Resource, and Spatial Configuration on Market-Focused Flexibility Li Ling-yee and Gabriel Ogunmokun

INDIAN SMEs in the era of WTO Nawal Kishor

Cultural Dimensions of doing Business in Mexico: Perceptions of U.S.



Journal of International Marketing and Exporting Vol 10 No.1 2005

The Effect of the Internet, Firm-Specific Characteristics and Market Characteristics on Export Marketing Performance: An Empirical Investigation Craig C Julian and Reidar Holtedahl

Barriers to Commercialisation of High Technology: A Case of Photovoltaics in India Raja Peter, Laurence Dickie and Vasanthi M Peter

Modelling of Product Standardisation/Customisation Decision-Making by Exporters Nick Grigoriou and Railton Hil

The Outcomes of Role Strain: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Field Sales Representatives Robert L.



Journal of International Marketing and Exporting Vol 11 No.1 2006

Japanese Multinational Enterprises Entry Mode in Developed versus Emerging Markets Mourad Mansour 

The Effectiveness of the Franchising Format for Rapid Global Expansion Linda Jane Coleman, Marie Hladikova and Mayuresh Kelkar 

The impact of Globalization on Environmental Sustainability Hoon Park 

An Exploratory Investigation of Service Provider Selection Criteria in the Lithuanian mobile telecommunication industry.




Journal of International Marketing and Exporting Vol 12 No.1 2007

Marketing and the Public Sector: An evaluation of Sister State Agreements as an International marketing device Terrance Gatfield and Robert Rugimbana

International Tourist Arrivals to Europe: A Shift-Share Interpretation Chau Jo Vu and Lindsay Turner

The VSE Internationalisation Process: A Social Exchange Perspective.



Journal of International Marketing and Exporting Vol 13 No.1 2008

Internet Marketing: An Entry Mode of Internationalization João Pedro Couto, Maria Teresa Borges Tiago, Flávio Tiago, and José Cabral Vieira

Multinational Corporations Knowledge Transfer in Marketing and Strategic Positioning: A Study of Brazilian Subsidiaries Thelma Rocha and José Cláudio Terra

Marketing of Executive Education Programs in Universities in China Ning Rong LIU

Drivers of Customer Loyalty in the Banking Industry: An Investigation of Banking Customers in Brazil.



Journal of International Marketing and Exporting Vol 14 No.1 2009

Consumer Decision Making in a Counterfeit-Plentiful Market: A Study of Brazilian Consumers Delane Botelho, Marcia Christina Ferreira and Alda Rosana Almeida

Mobile Games Advertising in International Marketing Context Jari Salo

Equity Ownership, Trust, and Legalism as Antecedents to International Joint Venture Satisfaction Xiaohua Lin and Chike Okechuku

International Marketing of Higher Education: A Comparative Studyof the International and Domestic Students’ Perceptions of Good Teaching and University Quality.



Journal of International Marketing and Exporting Vol 15 No.1 2010

A Study of the Impact of Importing and Exporting on African Development Philemon Oyewole and Ephraim Okoro

Economic Analysis of International Tourism Jo Vu and Lindsay Turner

A Study of the Linkages between Service Quality Attributes, Customer Value, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty in Thailand Gold Retailing Joseph F.



Journal of International Marketing and Exporting Vol 16 No.1 2011

Discriminant analysis of antecedents of performance in international marketing: A study of Australian exporting companies Craig C.



Journal of International Marketing and Exporting Vol 17 No.1 2012

International marketing segmentation modelling of Malaysian online customers’ profile: Preference of e-product bundles and e-service quality Derek Ong Lai Teik, Jessica Sze Yin Ho

Marketing of organic food in urban China: An analysis of consumers’ lifestyle segments Antonio Lobo, Jue Chen

Factors influencing export performance of ceramic tile companies in Iran Apena Hedayatnia, Kamran Eshghi, Mashali Behzad

A study of consumers’ attitudes in Taiwan between adaptations and interpretations toward National Palace Museum’s cultural goods Chih-Hsiang Ko, Chia-Yin Yu

An investigation of the influence of gender on salespersons gestures and behavior in France.



Journal of International Marketing and Exporting Vol 18 No.1 2013

Management practices and performance of international suppliers: An examination of exporting firms in China Li Ling-yee

A study of the internet services offered by Latin American and Caribbean export promotion agencies Nadine Altamirano and Maria Amador-Dumois

Identity creation in online social networks: A theoretical exploration Rachel Barker

Horticultural exports and measures of export success: Lessons and polications from Ghana Felix Agyei-Sasu, Irene S.



Journal of International Marketing and Exporting Vol 19 No.1 2014

An investigation of factors affecting foreign direct investment stock in the south eastern region of the United States of America.



Journal of International Marketing and Exporting Vol 20 No.1 2016

Internationalization factors and years of firms export performance: Does it matter when a born global was born? Shabnam Zanjani, Kwong Chan and Deepa Pillai

A study of determinants of American direct investment in old and new European Union countries Lucyna Kornecki and E.



Journal of International Marketing and Exporting Vol 21 No.1 2018

International trade in emerging markets in the Shea sector of Ghana and Burkina Faso Martha Adimabuno Awo 

A study of generational cohort differences in technology readiness (tri 2.0) and mobile self-service technology adoption in the airline industry – an emerging market perspective Cameron Sean Smit, Mornay Roberts-Lombard and Mercy Mpinganjira 

Disruptive Innovative Business Model in Emerging Markets for International Marketing Louis Nzegwu and Kennedy Ezenwafor

Perception of Korean Brands among Indian and Korean Millenniums R.