Contributors Guide

The ever-increasing economic, political, social and cultural changes occurring in the global environment is dramatically altering the landscape of how to market, finance and manage business organizations around the world. The “Journal of Management and World Business Research” (JOMAWBR) provides a forum for academics and practitioners to disseminate scholarly information in all areas of management and world business.  It keeps managers, marketers, administrators, trainers and scholars, up-to-date with regard to new developments in the theory and practice of management and world business.  Topics of relevance may include, but are not limited to: Accounting; Agribusiness management and marketing; Business law, international law and trade; Communications; Culture and cross cultural issue; E-business, e-commerce, e-marketing; Economics; Education management and learning; Entrepreneurship and small business management; Finance and banking; Foreign direct investment; Health care marketing and management; Human resource management; Information systems, information technology and management; International business/international marketing; Leadership; Management; Marketing; Non-profit marketing and management; Organizational behaviour; Organizational change; Privatization; Public policy; Retail marketing and management; Technology transfer; Tourism, services and hospitality management, etc


JOMAWBR welcomes contributions from academics, industry executives, managers, educators and researchers.  All papers will be subjected to a double blind review process with the final publication decision being that of the editor.  Although the editor is responsible for the final publication decision, the responsibility of statements expressed and accuracy of facts in manuscripts rests solely with the individual author(s). Papers submitted for publication should preferably not exceed 15 -20 pages and should conform to the Harvard style or to the style required by the American Psychological Association or the Academy of Management Review. Papers submitted to JOMAWBR should not have been accepted for publication or be under a review anywhere nor published elsewhere.

Manuscript Guidelines: The manuscript must be clearly written without any spelling or grammatical errors. General style/format guide includes:

  1. Manuscripts should be single spaced, Times New Roman font, 12pt with 2.5cm margin on all four sides. Submit the manuscript as a Word document.
  2. Tables and figures should be placed appropriately in the body of the paper.
  3. The paper should have two covers. The first cover should contain the title, abstract, full authorship, authors’ academic degrees, professional titles, affiliations, postal and Email addresses, acknowledgment of research sponsors and assistance.  This should be followed by another cover that only indicates the article title and the abstract (this will be used for anonymous refereeing). This second cover should be followed by the full paper.


Authors should submit manuscripts of their papers electronically to:
The Editor,
Professor Gabriel Ogunmokun, PhD (Monash)
Journal of Management and World Business Research

ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION: Subscription price for one volume is AUD32 per year.  If two issues are published in a year the subscription will be AUD60.

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