Membership and Committee

Membership of the Academy is by attendance and participation in the Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development (AWBMAMD) Conference at least once every two years. This means that membership in the organization is not perpetual. The key criterion of membership is participation and attendance. To retain membership, one must continue to participate and attend the AWBMAMD conference at least once every two years.

Membership status shall start at the “Member of the Academy” level and one can then be promoted in rank to  Senior  Member, Associate Fellow Member, Senior Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow, Distinguished Fellow, Senior Distinguished Fellow, Executive Fellow, Senior Executive Fellow, Executive Distinguished Fellow, and Senior Executive Distinguished Fellow of the Academy. For example if you are an Associate Fellow of the Academy you can describe yourself as an Associate Fellow Member of the Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development and you are entitled to use the letters A.F.A.W.B.

Membership Application

Membership status will automatically be upgraded when a member attends the AWBMAMD conference. For example if you are an Associate Fellow now, you will become a Senior Associate Fellow if you participate and attend the next conference. Becoming a member does not require completion of an application form (as long as you are attending and participating in the Academy’s conference at least once every two years). However, if after attending a conference, a member wishes his or her membership upgraded to a higher status, the member can submit a letter or send e-mail to the President of AWBMAMD. Such a letter or e-mail will include the status that the member is applying for, current CV of the applicant (including qualifications, experience, publications, and contributions to the community). Each application will be reviewed by two members of the Academy that are nominated by the President. If the promotion application is successful, a fee of US$195 will be charged to cover the cost of processing the application.

Termination of Membership

A member who does not participate in the AWBMAMD conference at least once every two years shall have his or her membership of the Academy automatically terminated. The membership of such a person will however be automatically renewed as soon as the person starts to attend and participate in the Academy again.

AWBMAMD Executive Management Advisory Committee Members

President: Professor Gabriel Ogunmokun
Senior Vice President: Professor Rachel Barker
Senior Vice President (Academic Affairs): Professor Abel ‘Femi Adekola
Senior Vice President (Publications): Associate Professor Rony Gabbay
Vice President: Professor Louis Nzegwu
Deputy Vice President: Professor Joo-Gim Heaney
General Secretary: Dr R Monsingh Peter