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Global Publishing House International is a division of the Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development.

Although the Global Publishing House International is an academic publishing organization that publishes scholarly refereed research books and papers including academic theses and dissertations, it can also publish non-academic books as long the book contains good quality material useful for education purposes. The quality of a book is very important to us and it is the first consideration in our publishing process when we receive manuscripts from authors.

To publish with the Global Publishing House International,  you need to submit your completed print-ready manuscript to us electronically. Our editors will look at it to determine its suitability. If your manuscript is selected for publication you will then be provided with the necessary steps to follow to have it published. Our aim is (if possible) to publish books within 2-3 months of receiving the final manuscripts from authors.

Although non-academic books will not be blind reviewed, every research academic book and research paper published by us will be double blind peer reviewed. Therefore in the academic category, only research books and papers recommended to us for acceptance through the double blind peer review process will be published.

An example of a recent research book published by the Global Publishing House International in collaboration with the Academy can be found on the link below. 

The eBook is available on Amazon - and Smashwords –  The eBook is also available in other outlets such as Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble etc.

You can contact us or send your manuscript to:

For more comprehensive information about the Global Publishing House International visit:

Payment System: All administrative handling fees; journal subscriptions; conference proceedings; book purchases, etc, can be paid by Credit card, Bank transfer and PayPal. Please contact us for the exact payment required for any of these items.

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