The Journal of Management and World Business Research Vol. 2 No. 1, 2005

The Effects of Leader-Member Exchange on Organizational Justice and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour
Noormala Amir Ishak and Zainal Ariffin Ahmad

Managing Liberalization and Foreign Direct Investment: A Case of China
Vasanthi M Peter and Raja Peter

Children’s Advertising Information Processing
Noor Hasmini Abd Ghani and Nik Kamariah Nik Mat

Production Sourcing Strategy and Buyer-Supplier Relationship: A Study of the Differences between Small and Large Enterprises in the Hong Kong Clothing Industry
Temmy F. Y.Tam, Karen K. L. Moon, Frency S. F. Ng and Patrick C. L. Hui

The Impacts of Leadership Behavior of Public Sector on Organizational Citizenship Behavior-Trust as Mediator
Chia-Chen Kuo

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