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The Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development (AWBMAMD) has a number of refereed publications including the Journal of International Marketing and Exporting (JIME); the Journal of Management and World Business Research (JOMAWBR) etc. The Academy also publishes refereed conference proceedings and research books. Follow this link to find out more about JIME and JOMAWBR, including list of contents, guide for contributors, submission of papers and how to become a mailing recipient.


If there are disputes/complaints regarding publications (e.g. the review process, copyrights, academic issues, etc) the process to resolve it will normally involve:

(1) Communication of the matter to the President/Conference Director.

(2) The President to set up a Committee that will look into the matter.

(3) The Committee to discuss the matter at a conference (or at a convenient time).

(4) The Committee to ask the person (s) involved plus other appropriate person(s) to address issues that may require clarification and lodge them in writing through email(s).

(5) The Committee to use the written submissions and any other relevant information for making its final decision.

(6) The decision is communicated to the person(s) and/or organization(s) concerned.

(7) The person(s) and/or organization(s) concerned may appeal the decision through a written submission to the President. If necessary the committee will re-visit the issue and make its final decision.

NOTE: The Academy has the right to vary or revise this process when and where appropriate. The Academy may require at any stage that discussions regarding disputes be taped for quality control and record purposes.


 General Enquiries/Other Matters: General enquiries/other matters should be directed to the USA office email address: officeusa@academyofworldbusiness.com

Conference Enquiries: Conference enquiries should be directed to our Executive Conference Director’s email address: ogunmokun@academyofworldbusiness.com

Publication Enquiries: Enquiries pertaining to Journal, Book and Conference publications should be directed to our Editor’s email address: ogunmokun@academyofworldbusiness.com



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